References & Testimonials

“In 2015, I attended the Labs & Stats summer workshop led by Kristen Dotti in Asheville, North Carolina.  The new AP Bio exam has increased its statistical analysis, and I found this workshop tremendously helpful!!   Among many other topics, she taught us techniques for teaching inquiry labs which I know are more prominent with the new Biology standards. I also was able to network with teachers from around the country from various science disciplines so we could beg, borrow and steal lesson plans/ideas from each other as well. Overall, it was a really rewarding experience and if you have time this summer you should definitely sign up!!”

– Cynthia, Fort Mill High School


“This workshop was mind-blowing! It kept our group’s interest …. Kristen is awesome and VERY knowledgeable!

“I always like to get new ideas for presenting content and concepts to my students. This session was very well done in that regard.”

“These were the best sessions I’ve been to in 15 years of teaching!”

“The workshops were very informative, presented in great detail and with great depth.  All concepts and ideas were very helpful; I will use them in my class.”

“This has been one of my best sessions yet, mainly because Kristen provided strategies on how I can implement these skills in my classroom;  I facilitate the subjects, but students do the learning.”

– Group feedback from a 2-day, on-site Case Studies workshop at Weslaco ISD (Texas)


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