Case Studies

Case studies are complex stories, filled in with color and detail, that make science come to life in a way that is real and applied, rather than theoretical.  Each CLC case study covers specific content required by the AP College Board and the International Baccalaureate program as well as meeting objectives for advanced biology courses in most of the U.S. states (please see the chart below for specific content areas covered by each case study).  With these case studies, you are able to cover the required content one time, in a way that makes a lasting impression.   Each case study topic acts as a vehicle to take your students to a depth of applied understanding that cannot be achieved through the rote memorization of laws and processes.  All case study explorations use only student-centered, hands-on learning techniques, including simulations, debates, games, model building, projects, student-designed laboratory experiments, data analysis and other full-engagement activities.  Click on the Alignment of CLC Case Studies to College Board Standards to see how you can teach your course using case studies.


Now Available, ships within 48 hours. Using the specific example of how an enveloped virus docks and enters a host CD4 leukocyte, students learn details about the role of cell membrane receptors, lysogenic and lytic phases of viral replication, the precise roles and interactions of white blood cells in the […] Read More


**Not Yet Available** This fascinating family of organisms can be found on every continent, in nearly every environment, exhibiting as much diversity and intrigue as is seen in human cultures. The politics, sociology and ecology of ants are explored in detail, revealing the roles ants play as farmers, bodyguards, warriors […] Read More


**Not Yet Available** By high school, most students have been touched by cancer through their network of family and friends and yet most do not understand how the apparent randomness of this disease can be explained. Help your students unwrap the mystery of cancer predispositions, development and treatment by introducing them […] Read More

Depression and Addiction

**Not Yet Available** Issues of mental health are on the rise in this country, with more than 10% of the adult population in treatment for diagnosed mood disorders. The two topics of addition and depression are both excellent examples of how the nervous system is influenced by a mixture of predetermined […] Read More


Now Available, ships within 48 hours. With the rising incidence of obesity and type 2 diabetes diagnoses, most students will be touched directly or indirectly by this disease sooner rather than later.  Students will learn about the importance of carbohydrates as the basis of cellular energy and the consequences that […] Read More


Now Available, ships within 48 hours. This allosteric molecule tells its evolutionary story by accepting and releasing oxygen in a complex dance with competitive and non-competitive inhibitors that is finely regulated by pH, pressure, and changes in concentration and conformation. In a clear example of homeostasis, the feedback mechanisms maintaining […] Read More

Sonoran Desert

**Not Yet Available** As an ecosystem abundant with examples of adaptations and co-evolution, the Sonoran Desert offers many opportunities for students to see interdependence in action. The variations in water conservation strategies that have helped the flora and fauna of this American desert thrive provide unique and interesting studies of how […] Read More

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