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This fascinating family of organisms can be found on every continent, in nearly every environment, exhibiting as much diversity and intrigue as is seen in human cultures. The politics, sociology and ecology of ants are explored in detail, revealing the roles ants play as farmers, bodyguards, warriors and slaves.  Examples of gene regulation and cell signaling abound when studying the day to day routines of these social insects. Ants use pheromones to communicate, dominate and dictate; temperature and timing to control the assignment of gender; class and status in the development of immature ants; and hormones and social displays to incite and organize hostile takeovers. This case study of a fit and flexible taxonomic group that had developed unique features and traits in response to biological and environmental pressures will draw in the naturalists in your class as well as those students who thought they had no interest in the mundane facts of molecules and cells.

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