Try out one week of a full year curriculum

Ease the start of your school year, or help out a colleague with a week of lesson plans to captivate your students and engage them in critical thinking each day.  If the pace, depth and variety of hands-on activities accomplishes your objectives and empowers your students, consider a full year of lesson plans for your […]

One week of lesson plans to start your year

Download one week of any of the following curricula to ease into your school year, or send the samples to a friend who enjoys teaching with hands-on activities.  If the pace, depth and variety in the lesson plans help you to accomplish your goals and pushes your students to think while doing, consider ordering a full year curriculum. […]

Hemoglobin Case Study Now Available

For those teachers using a case studies approach to inquiry-based learning, the Hemoglobin Case Study for Advanced Science is now available as a means to explore proteins, respiration and mutations.  This case study uses a specific allosteric protein to teach students about the evolution of oxygen in the atmosphere and the globin genes that helped […]

CLC 2012 AP* Biology Audit Syllabus is Ready for You

If you are using the AP* Biology Daily Lesson Plans curriculum, I have prepared an Audit Syllabus that coordinates the Catalyst Learning Curricula lesson plans to requirements delineated by the College Board course.  Each of the activities in your CLC curriculum are aligned with the four Big Ideas, 17 Enduring Understandings, seven Science Practices and […]

Updates to the AP* Biology Daily Lesson Plans

Please read the pdf below to ensure that you have made the changes necessary to your course for the 2012-2013 school year.  This document includes a revised calendar, tips on timing and depth as well as advice on how to achieve the standards and skills required for the redesigned AP Biology course. AP Biology DLP […]

What Teachers Say About CLC Summer Workshops

Go to the 5-day Workshops page ( and click on the Feedback Forms for the workshop topic of interest:  Cell Biology, Anat & Physio, Ecology or Genetics.  Each session lists responses written by teachers who attended the 5-day Summer Workshops last year.  

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