AP* Biology

AP* Biology Daily Lesson Plans, a comprehensive full-year curriculum, was written to help both new and seasoned teachers cover—in a stimulating, dynamic, student-centered manner—the vast amount of material required by the Advanced Placement College Board Exam.  All content exceeds the 2012 redesign of the AP Biology course with big ideas, enduring understanding, learning objectives and science skills covered using a wide variety of critical thinking activities (download the “Alignment of Curricula to AP Biology College Board Standards” pdf to the right for more details).

The strong structure and detailed directions provided by AP* Biology Daily Lesson Plans were designed to help relieve the pressures of day-to-day preparation and facilitate engaging and effective instruction. Experienced teachers will find AP* Biology Daily Lesson Plans useful for energizing their current curriculum with visual, kinesthetic and auditory activities that broaden their students’ interest and understanding, while new teachers will use the Plans to navigate the course material and time management challenges that can be so difficult in the first year. AP* Biology Daily Lesson Plans has been designed not only to convey all of the information necessary, at the level of depth necessary, for students to be well prepared for the exam, but also to stimulate curiosity and render each topic meaningful and interesting. Activities are varied and include scavenger hunts, model building, group simulations of processes, use of personal experiences and more—all of which have been proven to stimulate students’ appetites for learning and inspire quests for more knowledge.

Many teachers feel they must resort to lecture-driven class periods in order to cover all of the material and to clarify difficult concepts. However, in AP* Biology Daily Lesson Plans, simple techniques are used to make teaching more enjoyable and gratifying for the teacher and more engaging and effective for the student. The Plans’ teacher demonstrations, puzzles, games and wide variety of peer-teaching exercises turn the classroom into a student-centered, kinesthetic-learning arena, in which complex information is conveyed and misconceptions are clarified in a way that is fun and memorable.

The AP science courses are exciting because they offer in-depth scientific training. AP* Biology Daily Lesson Plans facilitates this training in that it prepares all students from the base up. It incorporates a review of prerequisite material, assignments that teach students how to effectively use their textbook, lessons and continual practice in writing “free response” essays, and guidance on how to take notes during topic discussions and learning activities. Study skills are incorporated into each day’s lesson plan, so that the teacher does not have to turn away a student who is curious but not as well prepared.

With the 2012 redesign of the Exam, teachers are now required to include in their curricula more critical-thinking exercises, more hands-on activities and more student-designed labs. As discussed above, AP* Biology Daily Lesson Plans provides these, as well as case studies, research presentation practice and other college-level skills.

If you already have a licensed copy of the AP* Biology Daily Lesson Plans, please download the pdf in the framed insert above listed as “Alignment of Curricula to AP Biology College Board Standards.”  This document summarizes the changes that impact the AP* Biology Daily Lesson Plans curriculum and implementation of the course.  Included in the updates are tips to help you transition to the skill requirements of the new course, a revised calendar with suggestions on what content to eliminate and where to insert the new labs.

*AP and Advanced Placement are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of these products.