Testimonials (Workshops)

I was pleased with my first year AP Bio scores and feel that I owe a large part of that to your incredible work and dedication to the development of your curriculum! I especially enjoyed the summer workshop on genetics and definitely plan to return next year for the cell workshop! Thanks again, and have a great year! — Melissa McGaha, Cox Mill High School, Charlotte, NC

Launching new Advanced Placement courses in districts that serve traditionally underserved and underrepresented populations is a real challenge. Kristen Dotti provided teachers in our four-district Advanced Placement Incentive (API) project with a wealth of ideas and resources that both complement and expand upon what is available directly from the College Board. In addition to the resources, participants in her AP Biology workshops came away with a strong sense and graphic illustrations of how an AP Biology workshop should be planned and paced – right down to actual daily lesson plans – as well gaining some powerful strategies with regard to how to rapidly close gaps in prior knowledge. Our Pre-AP participants also gained insights into what rigorous, hands-on science looks like. From the moment she begins her presentation, she conveys immediate credibility, authoritativeness, and resourcefulness. — Christopher Walczak, APIP Director, Madison CUSD #12, Madison, IL

What would you say to another teacher about this workshop (from the 5-day Summer Workshop Feedback Forms)?

*Do it! It will completely shift your paradigm. – Leslie Smith, Crisp County High, GA

*Go to this workshop! You will not only learn about the content, you will also gain a new perspective on hands-on learning or be reminded about approaches that you know you should be using in your classes. – Alyssa Schultheis, George School, PA

*This will change the way you teach. – Laura Lawrence, Memphis University School, TN

*I plan to completely change the way I approach my class. If you want to improve your biology class…TAKE THIS WORKSHOP – Randy Parker, Clayton High School, NC

*My AP Institutes were great, but this is so much more helpful in terms of how to impact my student’s learning rather than just mine. – 5-day A&P Summer Workshop attendee, WA

*This was the best professional development event I have ever attended. [Kristen] really practices what [she] preaches in terms of showing rather than telling, and that approach made the experience more meaningful and adaptable to our individual interests. – Kim Lepine, MD

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