Custom Workshops

Ask your administrator to set up an on-site workshop customized to the topics and skills that are most relevant to your faculty.  Training fees are travel plus $1900 per day for groups and can be scheduled to reoccur throughout the year for continuing support or for incremental change during a long-term improvement plan.  All sessions are taught using hands-on methods to exemplify the staging, scaffolding and the use of student-centered teaching methods. Popular topics and skills include:

  • Project Based Learning Techniques:  Model-building, Competitions and Debates
  • Guiding the Process of Science:  From Research Questions to Data-based Conclusions
  • Applying Hypothesis Testing and Statistics in AP or IB Science
  • Strategically Improving Pass Rates for Standardized Exams (AP, IB, EOC, ACT, SAT)
  • Helping Students Design Their Own Lab and Field Experiments
  • Student Centered Teaching to Maximize Critical Thinking and Engagement
  • Infusing Math in the Science Classroom:  Data-generating Simulations, Games and Labs
  • Unpacking Your State Curriculum:  Writing Content and Skills into Student Centered Lesson Plans

Custom workshops are available in your region upon request.  Please send an email to to schedule dates for your school or district.


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